Editing Media Group

Editing Media Group was the publisher of some authoritative technical magazines like StoreCheck and Elektro-Verkoop, which was published for the first time 40 years ago, but also of several informational editions like: a supermarket guide with all core data of every supermarket in Belgium, a retail guide as well as an out-of-home guide. The purpose of the database is to administer the advertising contacts with all related orders and invoices on one hand, and the numerous readers on the other hand.
Customers can register for events on the website. The registration is sent by e-mail to the database where a plug-in reads the data and creates invoices.

Subject: Administration of advertisers, readers, subscriptions, orders and invoices for a publisher of professional magazines
Backend: Filemaker Server op Windows Server
Frontend: Filemaker Pro op Mac OS X en Windows 7
Users: 9 users in LAN, max. 4 remote users, 1 FM Pro Server
Size: 142 tables, ±1 TB, >300 lay-outs, 500 scripts

All readers get enough characteristics to be able, in case of special issues, to address the right group. All data is kept up-to-date in a very conscientious way.

The central menu from which most tables can be opened and lots of reports can be made.

Registration on the website for one of the many seminars are sent directly to the Filemaker database. A plug-in reads the incoming mail, analyses it and stores it into the database. The person in charge gets a list of all new participants.

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