Collegium Vocale

Collegium Vocale was founded in 1970 by Philippe Herreweghe. It is one of the world’s most prestigious choirs, and is best known for its performances of Johann Sebastian Bach’s vocal music. It is based in Ghent (Belgium) and is still directed by Herreweghe.
The Filemaker application is about the financial administration of the musicians and the singers while touring around the world. Social security issues make it rather complicated.
The database contains also a table of all available musicians and singers, and scripts to make selections for a coming production and to invite them.

Subject: Financial administration and contact database
Backend: Filemaker Server op Windows Server
Frontend: Filemaker Pro op Windows 8
Users: 7 users in LAN
Size: 23 tables, 250 MB, 100 lay-outs, 300 scripts

The main window with its proper menu bar (not visible), tabs and submenu’s on some tabs (no plug-in, no popover)

To select musicians and singers there is a (in the background very complex) form

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