Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen

For over fifty years, the Flanders Symphony Orchestra has been a beacon of the Flemish orchestral landscape.

Project: sell tickets and subscriptions and allocate seats to people.
The sale of tickets and subscriptions is based on a graphical display of the auditoriums where the orchestra performs. The user can click on a venue to get information or to use it for an order.
The subscriptions of the previous year can be shown to offer the customers the same seats.

Platform: Microsoft Windows 7
Backend: Filemaker Pro op Windows
Frontend: Filemaker Pro op Windows
Size: 19 tables, 100 MB, 60 lay-outs, 120 scripts

With symbols and colors the user can see immediately if a seat is free for this concert, or for all concerts (to book a subscription) or was in subscription the previous year.

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