Liga van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs

Projects_LVZC_1Liga van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs is the central office that manages all glider clubs in Flanders. They organize trainings, take care of all official administration, the member cards, and the technical state of the gliders. The latter is what this database is about.
The controlling staf checks every glider every year and creates a control report about it. Since 2012 they can send all the data to the Filemaker Server using a normal browser and IWP (Instant Web Publishing).
The people at LVZC use a Filemaker license to manage the same data, enter new people, new gliders, etc.
Reports and other documents are automatically sent to the controllers in the clubs by e-mail.
Another function of the Filemaker database: it contains a library of all necessary documents every staff member can download.

Subject: Administration of clubs, owners and the yearly check-up of the active gliders. Audits of the clubs, download library for several official and non-official document
Backend: Filemaker Server on Mac OS
Frontend: Filemaker Pro on Mac OS, Web browser
Users: 1 user in LAN, max. 20 web users
Size: 28 tables, 200 MB, 100 lay-outs, 200 scripts

An example of the Filemaker form of a control plan.

The same control plan form, seen from a web browser.

A browser and access is all you need to find a document in the library and download it.

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