Angelos by Jan Fabre

Projects_Angelos_1Jan Fabre is one of Belgium’s leading visual artists and theatre makers. His work in the plastic arts is coordinated by the Angelos organization.
The Filemaker database is used by his staff and contains low- and high resolution pictures of all his works, and from different exhibitions. Pictures are used for catalogues and other publications. Low resolution images are stored internally. Pictures can be imported and categorized in group, and sent by e-mail with all the extra comments.

Subject: Picture database of all Jan Fabre’s works
Backend: Filemaker Server op Mac OS X
Frontend: Filemaker Pro op Mac OS X
Users: 5 users in LAN
Size: 21 tables, 4,5 GB, 50 lay-outs, 160 scripts

If you send the picture by e-mail, you can select the data that will accompany the photo

Events, photo’s and works live always in n-to-m relationships to each other. The only way to store all data in a correct way.

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