Web applications

What is a web app?

A web app is a program with any function that shows its results in a web browser.
The user only needs a web browser and an internet connection.

Web apps vs. “normal” apps
+ No installation of software needed (apart from web browser)
+ Can run anywhere in the world
– Internet connection needed
– Speed dependent of quality internet connection

Server side apps – client side apps

Web apps can be located on the server (server side) or on the user computer (client side).
The web apps we make with XOJO are server side web apps: the user asks some information, the web browser sends the request to the server, the server calculates the answer and sends back a web page.
Often there is also a database on the server side involved.

Server side web app vs. client side web app
+ Security: the server shows only the results the user is allowed to see
+ Database Security: no direct contact between the user and the database
+ Upgrading: the only software the user needs is a browser. No upgrading of apps necessary
+ Compatible with more browsers and versions
+ Better for mobile clients
– Server load: The server has to calculate it all

A web browser handles input and results a different way than a “normal” program but modern programming languages like XOJO make apps that give the user the feel and touch of a standard program. Although for the user it is just a program running, behind the scene there’s always a web server, web app and database active.

Web App

An example

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