Custom Software

If you want software that fits your production methods and working environment instead of vice versa. A general software package is built for general situations but two identical companies just don’t exist. Every job and every firm has its own demands. Or the software has so much to offer with lots of menus and commands you will never use. It becomes very complex and has a steep learning curve.

Of course a custom-made solution is more expensive than a package off the shelf but cheap in the beginning is often expensive at the end. Maybe the software fits your company today but will that be the case in 5 years? Next year you get a great idea but the software can’t process your bright innovations. A custom-made solution on the other hand grows with your business.
A introductory conversation is always free. A detailed price can only be made after a thorough analysis.

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FilemakerTo walk the golden mean between quality and costs, we use Filemaker, one of the most popular database systems for personal computing. This software, perfect for any beginner’s simple database can also be used by a professional developer to build a fully secured multi-user relational database system. The development is much faster than with other systems.

Runs on Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and most modern Web Browsers. The server software runs on Windows, Mac and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Integration with the internet is very tight: you can for example send e-mails with pdf-attachments from within the program so your customer gets an invoice that looks like an invoice. The database (or parts of it) can be published on the internet, secured to give only the authorized users access.

XOJOIf the customer demands go further, there’s always XOJO. This is powerful, rich-featured object-oriented programming language that is capable to produce desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Linux, and web apps. Generally these applications use a database in the back which can be SQLite (for single-user usage) or mySQL (for multi-user environments)

An extra great advantage of XOJO: licenses are free. You only pay the work of the programmer. Especially for multi-user usage, this can compensate the higher costs of the programming.

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